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We felt disappointed that a lot of dog wash products are not manufactured in Australia. As a chemical manufacturer we engaged our industrial chemist to provide the best possible products our mantra was simple we wanted products that would:

A clean shine will protect your dog using environmentally friendly products and packaging.

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Taking Care of Your DOG Is Our Priority!

Wagging Tail’s shampoos leave a lasting fresh smell on your pet for days after giving them a bath. Get rid of that stinky dog smell and give your dog a clean, fresh feeling. All ingredients are biodegradable, and gentle to the skin. No dangerous chemicals or dyes of any kind are used in the making of Wagging Tail’s pet products.


'Wagging Tails' quality pet care products are quality made ingredients that are great for your dog. There's no dangerous chemicals of any kind in any of our Wagging Tail's products.


Our environmentally friendly performance blend is biodegradable and packaged in a recyclable bottle that is 100% owned and manufactured in Australia.


'Wagging Tails' products are formulated to deliver a lasting clean while treating skin and coat irritation. Your pet is our priority so you have peace of mind in our superior products.

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Premium Products

Award Winning Dog Wash Soaps

Wagging Tail’s is a premium pet care line devoted to not only make your pet look and smell great, but feel great as well. By focusing on formulas and ingredients, we have created a one of a kind line of pet care products that will not harm your pet or the environment.

Wagging Tails is 100% Australian owned and operated. Our products are manufactured in Brisbane under the ISO9001 standard.

ISO9001 is a worldwide recognised standard in manufacturing ensuring your product is manufactured to the highest possible standard each and everytime.

Benefits of Dog Washing

The main reason we wash our dogs is to remove an unpleasant odour. Usually the most common reason is to remove the accumulated dirt on their coat, giving them healthy skin & a healthy coat, The benefits of bathing can include the removal of loose hair, scale and debris and improve the hair coat’s shine.

Cleanliness is so important to the overall health and happiness of dogs. Training your dog to allow you to wash and dry his or her feet after coming inside from outdoors is important and healthy. Excess licking of the feet can also lead to skin infections and irritations.