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'Wagging Tails' fragrance and great lather is what keeps customers coming back and that's what it's all about.

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Another best seller. 'Wagging Tails'conditioner. A healthy shine without the oily residue.

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Herbal Rinse

You can't get better than this. 'Wagging Tails' herbal rinse. A healthy clean end to the overall wash process.

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Protect dogs with 'Wagging Tails' disinfectant. Provides a clinically healthier clean of your dog wash between washes.

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Love for new customers

We’ll help you set up your system, train you and show you how to maximise profit. Contact us today with one of our friendly staff to find out how to get ‘Wagging Tails’ products into your dog wash.

New Customer Offer

Sign up for a new account now and we’ll give you 10% off your first order. This even comes with our 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee. Take advantage of it now!


Will the dog wash itself?

Depending on how smart the dog is, possibly. But mostly, no, your customers will need to take affirmative action and wash the dog themselves.

Will the dog drown?

If the dog is were the certified life saving devices as specified in page 43, paragraph 7 of the dog wash hand book, the dog shouldn’t drown.

Will the dog catch fire using the chemicals?

We have had instances of dogs catching fire during dog washes however, this was found to be from internal combustion not ‘Wagging Tails’ products.

What happens when the machine breaks runs out of shampoo?

Refil it.

Are your products safe for my dog?

Interesting question. We get this a lot. Simply put, we’ve had a team of scientists studying our pet products since 1867. To date, they’ve found nothing dangerous, just some other things, you probably won’t be interested in…

Are your products better than what I'm using right now?

Hell yeah! OUR products are way better than any other product on the market. Trust us, we’re the best. 

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