See our range of quality pet care items from shampoo and conditioner to wipes and even cologne.
We have a wide range of options to choose from not to mention we are Australian own and operated and manufacture all our products at our Yatala factory, south of Brisbane in sunny Queensland. 


'Wagging Tails' Dirty Dog Shampoo has a beautiful fragrance and great lather. It's what keeps customers coming back and that's what it's all about.


Another best seller. 'Wagging Tails' Clean Dog Conditioner leaves your dog silky soft and fresh not to mention a healthy shine without the oily residue.


You can't get better than this. 'Wagging Tails' Perfect Paws Cologne. The perfect end to bath time. Every dog needs to smell their best right?

Perfect Paws Wipes

'Wagging Tails' Perfect Paws Wipes completes your dog wash arsenal. Provides a clinically healthier clean of your dog between washes.

Microfibre Towel

'Wagging Tails' has the biggest plush microfibre towel to dry your dog whilst ensuring his/her or 'other's' coat looking fabulous each and every time.

Dog Washing Glove

Our Perfect Paws Dog Washing Glove simply put is the most versatile and easiest glove to use. That’s about it. Your dog will love it... and so will you.

The Full Kit

You can't do better than this. 'Wagging Tails' full kit. The perfect bath every time. You've got everything you need in this beautifully designed bag.

More To Come

'Wagging Tails' is always developing new care products. Check back from time to time to find out what the latest 'whiz bang' product or accessory we'll have.

What's In The Bag?

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Will my dog wash itself?

Depending on how smart your dog is, possibly. But mostly, no, you will need to take affirmative action and wash the dog yourself, however, we have an arsenal of products to help you get the best results money can buy for your best friend.

Will the dog drown?

If the dog is wearing a certified life saving devices as specified in page 43, paragraph 7 of the 2020 dog wash hand book, the dog shouldn’t drown. 

Will the dog catch fire using your products?

We have had instances of dogs catching fire during dog washes however, this was found to be from internal combustion not ‘Wagging Tails’ products.

What happens when the bath runs out of water or I run out of shampoo?

Refil it.

Are your products safe for my dog?

Interesting question. We get this a lot. Simply put, we’ve had a team of scientists studying our pet products since 1647. To date, they’ve found nothing dangerous, just some other things, you probably won’t be interested in… Maybe don’t eat it? Probably tastes like s#!%?

Are your products better than what I'm using right now?

Hell yeah! OUR products are way better than any other product on the market. Trust us, we’re the best. 🙂